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Claim Form Relevant to You

Operational Creditors, Financial Creditors, Creditors in a class, Workman and employees or any other stakeholder are requested to file their Claim in form B, C, CA, D, E, and F respectively as laid down by the Code.


Please note the following provisions of the IBBI (Insolvency Resolution Process for Corporate Persons) Regulations, 2016 shall apply to the claims process with respect to the submission of claims with proof, determination of the amount of claim, and other relevant matters.

  • Regulation 7 - Claims by Operational Creditors

  • Regulation 8 - Claims by Financial Creditors

  • Regulation 8A - Claims by creditors in a class

  • Regulation 9 - Claims by workmen and employees

  • Regulation 9A - Claims by other creditors

  • Regulation 10 - Substantiation of Claims

  • Regulation 11 - Cost of proof

  • Regulation 14 - Determination of amount of Claim

  • Regulation 15 - Debt in Foreign Currency (The claims denominated in foreign currency shall be valued in Indian currency at the RBI reference rate as on 20th June 2019.)

  • Regulation 28 – Transfer of debt due to creditors


For further details on the above-stated regulations please refer to the below link- Regulations upto 24.1.2019_2019-01-29 18:49:02.pdf

Please use the appropriate link as provided below to download the appropriate form:

FORM B      For Operational Creditors (except Workmen and Employees)

FORM C      For Financial Creditors (except Financial Creditors in a Class)

FORM CA   For Financial Creditors in a Class

FORM D     For a Workman or Employee (where the claim is being filed by him/her self)

FORM E     For Workmen and Employees (where the claim is being filed by an Authorised Representative of the Workmen & Employee)      

FORM F     For Creditors other than Financial Creditors and Operational Creditors

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